Dear Members of the Diocesan Family,

Greetings: The weather is warming up and the land is dry and parched in many parts of the Diocese. As I travel around I see cattle in a poor state eating what is left on the sides of the road. Please continue to pray for rain and a good wet season.

Bishop Election Synod – 24th November 2018:
We are soon to have an election synod that I hope will elect a new Bishop. I cannot express strongly enough the need for all elected synod representatives to exercise their responsibility and be present on what will be the most important synod since Bishop Bill was elected.

Clergy should be planning for Sunday worship in their Ministry Units, as the synod could possibly go on into the Sunday.

Please be careful of the roads after dark the wildlife can be prolific at this time of year.

The Reverend Tim and Jo Morris:
I welcome The Reverend Tim and Jo Morris back to the Diocese for the second time this year.
This time they will spend time in Mackay while Reverend John McKim has a well-earned holiday. Early next year they will be back on the Atherton Tablelands while The Reverend Robyn Boyd has some time away.

Sunday November 11th November 2018:
Also on the horizon is the centenary of the signing of the Armistice to end World War 1, the Great War. Please use Sunday November 11th as a time to pray for peace of the world, that we may all live in love for GOD and for each other. The Great War left many families shattered. One only has to go into our own archives and read past editions of the Northern Churchman to see the impact in NQ.

All Saints Church Darnley Island:
You may have seen All Saints Church Darnley Island (Erub) on ABC TV a while ago. The Diocese has been working with the local community to restore All Saints Church. It is the oldest Church in the outer islands of the Torres Strait and problems with the roof have now been overcome, plus the asbestos has been removed, along with the termite eaten timbers.

On All Saints day this year I will reopen the Church for public worship after a period of closure. This does not mean the project is finished, as there are other areas to be restored. We will be working with the local Community organisations like My Pathway to achieve completion by July 1, 2021 when we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the landing of the LMS at Kebus on Darnley Island (Erub).

Christmas Festivities:
I would like to invite people to come along to the Service of Lessons and Carols at St James Cathedral on Friday 14th of December at 7.00pm. This will be followed by a Christmas Function in St James Place or if you can't make it, join us at Kuranda for the Lessons and Carols on Sunday 17th of December at 6.00pm followed by a Christmas function. These two events will replace the usual function held at Bishop’s Lodge.

Prison Chaplaincy:
Steven Fincham the State Coordinator of Ministry to Prison recently visited Townsville and identified a need for extra chaplains. Please consider this, pray about it and if you require further information please contact Ed Spriggins.

Charters Towers:
Many thanks to the Reverend Clive Brook who will be providing ministry to the Ministry Unit of Charters Towers twice a month and to the Reverend Tony Halstead who will provide Ministry during the Christmas Period.

After many years of faithful and wonderful ministry, the Reverends Wayne and Valmi Connolly have retired. We thank them both for their loyal and devoted service, often in times of trouble and turmoil in the community in which they loyally served.

The Cape York Communities of Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw and Lockhart River:
We are now in the situation that we have no priestly ministry in the Cape Communities and are unable to offer regular services of Holy Communion. I am at present looking at a roster of clergy to go up to the Communities on a monthly cycle. As the air service only operates Monday to Friday it would mean a Priest going up on Friday being accommodated at the Guest House for three nights and returning on Monday to Cairns. This would be an encouragement to the Lay leadership in the communities and to Deacon Elisabeth in Pormpuraaw.

The Diocese will meet the cost of airfares, accommodation and food and pay the casual service fee. Please contact me for further details.

Cultural Ceremonies:
It has been widely reported in the media that the Anglican Church was to ban cultural expressions of faith. I hope you don't believe everything you read or hear in the media! What actually happened was that Sydney Diocese were to discuss the matter but the motion was withdrawn. Please read the attached statement from Bishop Chris McLeod the national Aboriginal Bishop.
Smoking Ceremonies.pdf

DC Matters:
Please find attached an updated regulation from the Diocesan Council relating to financial transactions and a new Regulation dealing with a reserve fund for Clergy stipends. These regulations are to be tabled at Ministry Unit Council meetings. They are also available on our webpage.

R11 Ministry Unit Financial Trans Regulation-v11.5.pdf

R13 Reserve for Stipends Regulation.pdf

Yours in Christ,

The Venerable Chris Wright


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