Dear Friends

The Diocese of the Northern Territory:
As a Diocese we rejoice and give thanks to God that fifty years ago the Diocese of the Northern Territory was formed. In fact the Diocese is the youngest of the Dioceses in the Anglican Church of Australia. On the first weekend in June the Diocese will celebrate this important milestone.

Some of you may not know that The Diocese of the Northern Territory was part of the former Diocese of Carpentaria.

The Bishops of the Northern Territory over those fifty years are Kenneth Mason, Clyde Wood (also former Bishop of this Diocese) Richard Appleby, Philip Freier, Greg Thompson and currently Greg Anderson. All the Bishops of the Northern Territory are still alive. We do assure Bishop Mason of our prayers as he is living with the result of a stroke some time ago.

Mrs Marjory Dodds:
Marjory entered her eternal rest earlier this week. Marjory was a woman of great faith and she knew that she was going to be with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We will be celebrating and giving thanks for Marjory’s earthly life on Friday (9th March) at 11.00 am, in Holy Trinity Bowen. Marjory will be interred in the Bowen cemetery.

The Reverend Jeff Coop:
On Thursday Jeff will undergo heart bypass surgery. We assure Jeff of our prayers, as well as assuring Christine, Brianna and Lysandra and the wider family of our prayers at this time.

The Dean of Rockhampton:
The Very Reverend Lindsay Howie is the current Dean of Rockhampton. Lindsay is retiring on Monday 2 April 2018. Lindsay served in this Diocese as Rector of Holy Trinity Mackay and as the Townsville District Police Chaplain. Lindsay also served on the Anglicare NQ Board. We assure Lindsay and Jenny of our prayers.

The Bishop of Rockhampton has asked me to ask if anyone in North Queensland believes they may be called by God to be the next Dean of Rockhampton. If people know the names of someone who believes could fulfil this ministry, please contact The Bishop of Rockhampton. His details are:

Bishop David Robinson (07) 4922 6755

Diocesan Council meets this evening and the Diocesan Executive tomorrow. The Diocesan Executive is spending some time tomorrow undertaking some strategic planning. Please pray for both meetings.

117 Years of the Army:
We give thanks to God for 117 years of the Australian Army. Over that time many have served our country and also many have died in the service of our country.

I have assured the Australian Army of our prayers. We pray for those presently serving overseas and for their families at home.

It is very easy to take various ministries for granted. I ask you this week to pray daily for our military chaplains. In this Diocese, we have Army, Navy and Air Force Chaplains. Please refer to the Prayer Diary. The Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force Office has produced a prayer diary. It is on the web at I encourage you to use it as well in your daily prayers.

Over the years and currently, some of our Ministry Units have been and are blessed by the provision of ministry by our military chaplains.

Juvenile Crime:
The issue of juvenile crime has been a concern across the Diocese and in particular in Townsville. The Premier has invited Retired Major General Stuart Smith to examine the issues surrounding juvenile crime. The retired Major General will be reporting back to the Premier. At present, he is meeting with various people and groups across the community. Stuart was kind enough to give me nearly an hour to address this topic.

As a Church, we need to be aware of the many related issues to juvenile crime. Some of them are, gambling, drugs, domestic violence, alcohol as well as people being bored. We also discussed how people want everything instantly, people focus too much on me and there is not a willingness to share the long walk with people.

I was asked what the Church could do. This is an important question. I shared some thoughts which I will outline at another time.

My understanding is that it is a community issue and each one of us as Christians, where possible, should get involved with the various community groups that support and encourage our young people to live full and wholesome lives.

My Mobile Phone:
I am back in action. I had a little misadventure on the weekend, but the phone is now repaired. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mothering Sunday:
This Sunday is Mothering Sunday. In the UK it is equivalent to our Mother’s Day in May here in Australia. So please pray for your mothers and also pray for the mother Church of the Diocese, St. James Cathedral.

Pray your Lenten observances are going well.

Wishing you every blessing.
Yours in Christ

The Right Reverend William (Bill) Ray
Bishop of North Queensland

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